November 25, 2019

Adsum’s Work Jacket

Nowadays more brands claim a workwear style than there are jobs that require appropriate work attire. Since the heritage” boom of the early 2010s we have been inundated brands whose identity is wrapped in leather boots, painter pants, and work jackets”. Brand often get lost in this marketing effort and forget to make interesting collections that fit well together.

What I like about Adsum is that they aren’t a workwear brand. They make puffy jackets, high pile fleeces, and logo tees. Their lookbooks and social media show people relaxing at home, walking in the city, running, and skating. This is a label focused on making clothes inspired by different aesthetics that go well together rather than limiting itself to a niche.

All that said, today I want to talk about their Work Jacket in navy. I put the words in quotes in the first paragraph because the term is ambiguous - for what kind of job? Adsum doesn’t provide an answer, but it doesn’t matter. This looks like a jacket made for some kind of outside work. What’s better is that that it’s build that way too.

Image via Adsum.

While this isn’t a true deep winter jacket with down feathers or wool, the herringbone cotton and inner poplin lining give the jacket a thick, heavy feel. There’s structure to this jacket and a real weight to it. It’s perfect for transitional fall weather. The navy blue is not too dark to almost be black (how many brands do this?) but not light enough to look out of place with the rest of your earth tone wardrobe.

Everyone loves a corduroy collar - most of my outerwear purchases this fall have included one. This collar includes extra stitching around the neckline for improved durability. Adsum also goes a step further and included corduroy in their pocket flaps as a fun detail.

Adsum Work Jacket pocket flap

The other detail I like is the back pockets - two exterior pockets with shank closures. I’m way too paranoid to put anything important there but they fit the workwear” look of the jacket (imagine putting some work gloves in there). No one should complain about more creatively placed pockets, either.

Image via Adsum Image via Adsum.

Adsum’s sizing is simple - three sizes that should fit almost all body types. The jacket has a regular cut that allows for up to two layers underneath, making it a surprisingly effective dry-weather winter jacket. I wore it comfortably with a hoodie underneath in high 30s and low 40s weather.

The Adsum Work Jacket is a well-made outerwear piece that isn’t fashion - it looks good now and it will look good in 20 years. Instead providing a cheap version of a wardrobe staple (something almost every brand does nowadays), Adsum went out of their way to ensure this jacket will also last 20 years.

Adsum’s Work Jacket also comes in khaki and gray.

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